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   Measurement Instructions


How to Measure:

  ① Chest

  ② Waist

  ③ Hip

  ④ Torso(Keeping the tape against the small of the back, from the center of the shoulder, down the front, through the croth and up the back to the starting point.)

  ⑤ Arm length

  ⑥ Upper Arm(Measure on a straight arm around the thickest part of the arm.)

  ⑦ Wrist

  ⑧ Thigh(The thickest part of the thigh)

  ⑨ Inseam(Measure the inside length of the leg from the croth to the middle of the anklebone.)

  ⑩ Ankle

Note: (Units: cm)
If you do not want tights, don’t measure ⑧⑨⑩.

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